How Can I Tell If My Betta Fish Is Hungry?

Betta fish are little pigs who, whenever given the opportunity, will eat until they are fat and enlarged. This is on the grounds that they are modified to eat when nourishment is accessible. They don’t have the foggiest idea when the following little mosquito hatchlings will squirm their way on by. The clever thing about fish is that they will for the most part consistently eat, in any event, when they are full. That being stated, when they are truly full, they will presumably quit eating without anyone else.

Modest bettas

 How Can I Tell If My Betta Fish Is Hungry?

Consider bettas like modest individuals. What works for one doesn’t really work for all. According to one owner, “My bettas, generally, have had an entirely decent hunger and me once in a while experience the swelling and SBD issues that plague different aquarists. For a become solid betta I may offer him two or three Hikari BioGold pellets in the first part of the day. BioGold is little and hard and don’t expand as much as Betta Bites when wet. I watch the betta check whether he needs more. In the event that he does I may give him another a few inasmuch as he is eating anxiously and his stomach isn’t distending essentially. That night, any extension in his mid-region from the early daytime’s nourishing ought to have gone down. Presently, I may nourish him live blackworms.”

“In case I’m trying to purchase blackworms I for the most part attempt to give them, at any rate, a couple for each betta. Three or four medium estimated blackworms equivalent a lot more than the one eyeball-sized bit prescribed, however as long as he is eating and not expanding fundamentally the bit is fine. Toward the beginning of the day, I check him again to ensure the nourishment has passed and he isn’t clogged up and enlarged. The following day I may change to some solidified nourishment. I offer 3 or 4 bloodworms in the first part of the day and the blackworms again at night. Through the span of a while, I watch my betta’s weight. Betta fish can get overweight however it isn’t normal and regularly difficult to perceive.” –  he continued.

Here are some common signs of a hungry betta:

  • Betta digging around at the bottom of the tank.
  • Waiting and the top of the aquarium.
  • Changes in behavior.
  • Variation/abnormality in weight or size.
  • Lethargic/slow behavior.

Whatever might be the case, here are some pointers to remember while handling bettas:


 How Can I Tell If My Betta Fish Is Hungry?

Bettas are cheats with regards to feast time. One can drop in three pellets of nourishment, and your vivid companion will eat them all. Drop-in another three, and he’ll eat those as well. This will continue forever until the betta makes himself wiped out by eating excessively. He’ll act like he’s constantly eager and ready to eat. In the event that one feeds him nourishment explicitly implied for bettas and do so day by day as indicated by the producer’s recommended sum, he won’t be at risk for getting malnourished, as long as he eats it.


The betta isn’t attempting to play a touch of invert brain science on one with that furious appearance – he prefers attacking meat much more than scarfing down a touch of plant material. It’s one reason plants are generally taken off alone in a betta’s tank. In any case, in the event that it boils down to starving or eating a touch of green, one’s betta will pick the last mentioned and begin dismantling your plants. In case one is encouraging him betta nourishment routinely, he shouldn’t turn to eat plants, despite the fact that bettas are famously demanding eaters.


On the off chance that the betta appears to be somewhat more slender or skinny than expected or is beginning to seem as though a skeleton, one has oneself a little fish who’s either starving or wiped out. Bettas don’t out of nowhere shed pounds in the event that they haven’t eaten for a day or two. It takes possibly more than seven days of fasting before one will see one’s companion is beginning to shed the pounds or grams in a betta’s case.


Bettas have a bustling calendar that comprises of swimming around their aquarium, checking to ensure everything’s all together and taking a gander at any individual who cruises by. Gliding in one spot isn’t on the plan, with the exception of when they’re drained. On the off chance that one notices the betta torpid more often than not, and particularly when one remains before his tank, he’s either wiped out or hungry.


 How Can I Tell If My Betta Fish Is Hungry?

Encouraging one’s little swimmer betta-explicit nourishment will keep hunger from malnourishment, yet he may have the munchies regardless of whether one drops in his nourishment normally. Bettas need to live in water that is somewhere in the range of 75- and 86-degrees Fahrenheit. Anything colder or more blazing will prompt pressure, and your betta’s body can begin to shut down. So, if his water temperature is off, he won’t gobble regardless of whether the nourishment is available to anyone. Sickness can likewise prompt malnourishment, from unmistakable parasites to contagious contamination of the mouth. Heaps of drug for regular diseases exists, as a rule as a fluid arrangement that one add to the tank.

There we have it, the greatest indications that one’s betta fish is ravenous. On the off chance that you notice more than one of these signs, your fish is most likely passing on for some nourishment, so try to encourage it more. Sound bettas like to eat and will eat. The key is perception. Try not to bolster him until he expands wild and watch his development more than a while. To conclude it all, the best betta fish food are live food sources like saltwater shrimp, worms, and mosquito hatchlings. Solidified/Freeze-dried nourishment and pellets are additionally extraordinary as long as they are high in protein.

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Normally, the rabbits will enjoy the outdoor activities, where you can set up a nice puppy pen for your rabbit in your house. Watching the rabbit’s action is very fun, especially when they are enjoying time spent in the grass. In which you can always get your bunny harness in which most of the pet shops carry them now. These rabbits are usually very thin woven cord and are similar to the pet animals like cat or ferret in which there is little area for attaching a leash on the back.

When you put your rabbit in this leash, then they have a freedom to explore in which your rabbit may take a few tries to use it where at first they may flop over because they are used to have anything around their body. Generally waking a rabbit on the leash is nothing like walking a dog where you can train your dog, control the dog and basically you take it out.  Usually rabbits don’t do that in which walking a rabbit means that the rabbit is walking you.

How to train up your rabbit

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Start slowly training your rabbit, just simply put your rabbit down in a secluded, safe area in your yard or even in your living room until it gets used to the harness where this may to be much at one time to get the rabbit harness. The rabbit hopping requires the lot of time to spend with it for training him to go over the low jumps especially when your rabbit is active then you might want to look into the sports rabbit hopping. If your rabbit is not active then you can still enjoy walking your rabbit on his harness in which don’t allow your pet to nibble the grass that has been treated with the chemical herbicides or fertilizers.

Stimulate your pet animal rabbit’s imagination with the fun toys

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

All animals need to do exercise and in which most of the rabbits won’t get the enough exercise where they will be sitting simply in their cage all the day. However it can be of dangerous to leave them to roam around. Some of the rabbit owners like to buy exclusively made day enclosure, where the rabbits can run around joyfully and safely. The cheapest and safest method of exercising your rabbits is to taking it hop around the area in your house, when you are not comfortable with this being on the carpet then you can leave your rabbit on the hard or tile floors. The rabbits are particular are curious creatures and the need stimulation of new experiences in which you can provide whole apples to your rabbit and they would enjoy eating it.

The best rabbit harness

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Finding the best harness for rabbit can be of difficult task so you need to find something that is more comfortable one for your rabbit but more importantly you also need to find the rabbit harness that is something safe one to wear. Selecting the wrong rabbit harness could end up with your rabbit unable to breathe and rabbit get choking so, you need to find the best rabbit harness for your pet animal just to keep your pet fit and healthy. Finding the best and right rabbit harness is a vital thing in ensuring that your rabbit respiratory system is functioning properly during the use of the harness.

Using something like a neck leash for your rabbit then it will probably blocks your rabbit’s airways and causes the difficulty in breathing so it is very important to find the rabbit leash with the elastic properties. This ensures that if the rabbit leash is accidentally yanked or hanged by yourself or by your rabbit then it won’t choke. The following are popular and top best rabbit harness available in the market. They are

  • Mewtogo adjustable bunny harness
  • Niteangel adjustable soft harness with elastic leash for the rabbits
  • Claunce soft harness for rabbit with the leash
  • Expawlorer pet rabbit harness with stretchy leash
  • Petacc rabbit harness leash set with the adjustable leash and pet harness

How to find a great rabbit harness for your pet

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

You might find it difficult in assessing whether your rabbit harness perfectly fits to your rabbit well where this is especially true for the fluffier breeds of the rabbit so remember while buying the harness you should able to fit two fingers between the rabbit leash or collar. This is a best way of checking whether the rabbit harness or collar is too tight or loose, if you are unsure about the fit then you can either go with the loose or tight rabbit harness.

It is worth value to look out for a rabbit harness that comes with an elastic leash where this feature will definitely found to be important for finding the best rabbit harness for your pet animal. In which you should never use the rabbit neck collar due to the fact that the rabbits get injured very easily wearing one of the rabbit harness. Startled rabbits move quickly and collar can put you in risk of strangling, breaking bones in their neck or damaging tissues in their throat.

Tips for getting used to rabbit harness

Is It Safe to Put a Harness on a Rabbit?

Get your rabbit used to wearing its harness where this is important step before you taking your rabbit outside with the leash, if your rabbit is freaked out by the harness or leash, just remember to take the harness slowly. The best way to ease your rabbit is to wear the leash is by using it indoors and walking with it around your home area. Ensure that your rabbit is more comfortable indoors before taking your pet animal to outdoors, we recommend using the best rabbit harness and the leash at least 3 days in a row inside without your rabbit showing any signs fear before trying it to take your rabbit outdoors. Every rabbit owner need to give extra care for their pet to have a better health.

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